Paper quilled jewellery

My paper quilled jewellery work..its totally addicted ..

Some of these are available for sale in the price range of Rs 40-Rs 95

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MDF board utility products

MDF is light weight wood and very popular among crafters..I got some plain keyholders, pen stands and kumkum boxes in MDF base and used some kundan stones and glitter to decorate them

Some of these are also available for me at

Tutorial - Silk thread bangles

Here is a step by step picture tutorial after a long time..

Its really simple to make trendy Silk thread bangles customising it to our requirements..the materials are easily available too

Materials required

Silk thread or embrodiery threads
Stone or pearl lace or small designs in plastic that can be stuck
Plain bangles (special bangles are also available for jewellery making and even old bangles can be used for it)

Start by tying a knot with the thread in the bangle. Roll the thread all over the bangle closely without gaps and put a knot in the end too.

Hold the stone lace over the bangle (it could be in the center or two lines in the corners or any zigzag pattern too) and secure it by rolling gold colour or a contrast colour or same colour thread so that it doesnt move and also gets a grand look.

 Glue the ends of the threads so that it is secured. Repeat for other bangles as required. You could make a mix and match of some plain bangles without the stones and some with stones to get a full set. Here is a picture of the plain and finished bangle together.

And here is the pair of bangles ready ...

Do give us your valuable feedback and you could even send in the pictures of the bangles you tried using this tutorial to and we will share it with other craft enthusiasts here.

Video tour

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