DIY Gift Envelope - Craft 8

Quick and easy to make Gift Envelopes from Anushya  (12 yrs)

Materials required

Old invitation/ Thick design calendar paper /Chart paper / Handmade sheet / Any paper
Any Decorative material -Stones, glitter, stickers
Sketch pens

The paper/ invitation / chart paper should be first cut into a size 23 cm x 20 cm.

Dotted line- Fold
Blue colour part- Cut it out - not required 

Now mark as in the picture and Fold on those marking (dotted lines). 

All folds should be in the same side only
Now fold the yellow part over the green and apply glue only to yellow part. Fold the purple portion over green. Now yellow will stick with the purple portion. After it dries, fold the white portion over it so that you get an envelope. You can shape the ends of the white layer if you want.

Decorate with sketch pens /stickers / lace or any decorative material which you have. 

Some pictures of the envelopes done earlier ..Try depending on availability of materials

DIY Diya with newspaper - Craft 7

Cute newspaper diya by Anushya - 12 yrs

Materials required

Old Newspaper

Cut one sheet from one side of the newspaper. Cut it further into four long equal pieces. Now make them into long rolls by rolling from one end to another diagonally. Make total 5 rolls for one diya. To attach the roll, put little glue in one end (inside the roll) and push another roll edge into it. It will be like one big roll. Repeat for other rolls.

Start from one edge, and slow make a big tight round from the long roll. Stick in the start and end.

After it dries, slowly shape it like a cup first. Then pinch one edge to give shape to the diya.

Apply thin layer of fevicol inside the diya everywhere and allow it to dry. This way, the diya will not lose shape and become stronger.

Now paint it in single or multiple colours as you like. Paint inside first. After it dries, paint outside also.

Your cute paper diya is ready.

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Craft collages

Thank you kids for sharing these pics of crafts done using the DIY instructions on the blog..

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