Mseal Toys

Mseal Toys

Materials Required

White M-seal
Fabric Colours
Small piece of cardboard

Mix the two portions of mseal well to make a single dough. Always remember that once mixed, mseal must be moulded to the desired shape within 20 minutes, else it will dry up and will not be of any use.

For making ducks, divide the mix into two equal small portions and one big portion. Shape the two small portions to form ducks. The wings must be attached separately to the ducks.

Cut the cardboard into an oval or rectangle shape and stick a thin layer of mseal to it. Roll out the remaining mseal and stick it to the cardboard piece to form borders for a pond like structure.

Attach the ducks to this cardboard piece.

Let it dry very well and then paint it using fabric colours.

Your toy is ready. You can make teddy bears and other animals as well using the same procedure.

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