Transparent Zardosi Rangoli

Materials Required

Zardosi -Various Colours
Stones-various colours and shapes
Fevibond glue
A design for rangoli
A thick transparent plastic sheet

Place the plastic sheet on the rangoli design and use cellotape to stick the corners so that it doesnt move.

Start sticking the zardosi on the design using fevibond glue. Use your creativity and imagination and decorate it with stones.

Allow it to dry for some time.

Now remove the design sheet attached the plastic paper.

Your transparent rangoli is ready.

You can keep it anywhere you like. Just dusting is enough to keep it as it is.


Laavanya said...

Wow this is a great blog you have here with such wonderful craf ideas...

easycrafts said...

Thanks a lot laavanya

rohini said...

It is great, but need more designs

Pearlsofeast said...

Hi easy , U are so talented,I also loved browsing this blog.Nice ideas for pujas and function.

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