Guruvayoorappan Sriveli (Kerala Elephants)

Materials Required

Velvet Cloth
Gold Beads
Wool -various colours
Gold lace
Wooden elephants
Photo of some god
Hanging lace

Cut one piece of velvet cloth in 'U' Shape for the front portion to cover the trunk. Cut another piece for the side cloth. Measurements vary with the size of the elephant.

To the side portion, stitch golden lace in all four sides and attach hanging lace to the two sides. Stick golden beads throughout the 'U' shaped piece and stick small pieces of wool to the back side of the cloth. Also tie together around 10 small bits of wool and stick it to the center of the 'U' shape.

Stick the 'U' shaped cloth first on the elephant and then the side piece. Allow it to dry well. Make two more such pieces.
You can use other colour velvet cloth too.

For the center elephant carrying the god, cut a square piece in cardboard and velvet cloth. Stick the velvet to the cardboard and stick the photo of god on it.

Roll some paper and cover it with golden lace (as in the umbrella). Cut a semicircle piece in velvet and stick the corner to form a cone. Now trim the edges to get a umbrella like shape. Decorate with lace and attach the rolled paper to it. Stitch the same to the back cloth of the elephant firmly.

Sriveli is ready. This is how the elephants in Kerala are decorated in temples during the procession of God and during festivals.


Rachna said...

oh this is really pretty...

Seena said...

hey, this title GVR captured my attention..Lovely idea of Kerala elephants.My daughter has added u in her site, she is thrilled seeing all these works here..

easycrafts said...

Thanks Rachna

Thanks Seena for adding my link and the appreciation

AswathiBabu said...

its a great thing to share such ideas. have a nice day
please visit my site

Mishmash ! said...

Admire your patience to get this completed! beautiful!


easycrafts said...

Thanks Aswathi babu

Thanks Mishmash...i guess interest in any art generates the patience required for it

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