Radha Krishna Dolls

Materials Required

Rubber dolls
Various colour cloth
Wool of various colours
Golden colour paper
Old refill
Gold beads
Poster Colour

Make a ghagra choli for one doll and dhoti for another and decorate it with laces. Use black wool to make hair. Make necklaces from gold beads. Use wool to make garlands with crochet.

Use golden paper to make a crown. Cover an old refill with wool to make flute. Paint bindi and lips with poster colours.


KALVA said...

Wow so cute... Radha and Krishna.., are they ready to play now???

Shilpa said...

Hey dear..I didn't know anything abt quilling before, but your posts got me very much interested in it. I bought the tools yesterday and tried few easy designs. Thanks a lot.

These dolls look great. When I was a kid, I had made one something similar. Its very interesting...

Madhavi said...

wow easy crafts!superb.you are a perfectionist.I love these dolls.But can u tell me is it easy to make this ghagra and dhoti.

easycrafts said...

Thanks Kalva

Thanks Shilpa, Great to know that you tried out paper quilling...

Thanks Madhavi for the appreciation...the ghagra is very simple to make, while dhoti takes a little more time

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

very cute andal... wish i could learn to make... nice idea to use doll for this.

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