Variety Painting Workshop at Bangalore

A variety painting workshop was conducted in Bangalore on 27th Jan by a professional Mr. Ramesh from Kerala and organised by Mrs Anu of Bangalore.
All paintings published in this post were done by Mr. Ramesh (except 1 and 13..which was tried out by me in the workshop)

We were taught new techniques and different kinds of stroke paintings. Here is what we learnt-

1) Simple flowers by pressing the brush on the paper once for each petal.

2) Flowers using Fan brush that Sir specially got for us from Kerala

3) Wet on wet landscape painting in 5 minutes.

4)Tie and dye techniques

5) Decoupauge

6) Pot Painting

7) Dry brush painting

8) Blade painting

9) One stroke painting

10) Stencil painting

11) Multi stencil painting with instructions on how to make a stencil

12) Chinese painting

13) Teardrop technique

14) Cartoons with numbers

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Shilpa said...

Wow..they are so beautiful. Wet on wet looks like what we do (Bob Ross Style) here, but I never knew the materials are available in India also. Thats so cool. I love all the paintings here. I am thinking to learn one stroke painting next. Did you try it? someone told me its a bit it so?

Btw..I will send u the snowman instructions soon. Was a bit held up for last few days :(

Sia said...


Rich said...

Whaa! Beautiful!
Have you tried Chinese painting? You have some learning models here:

maddie said...

Very Interesting. Where in Bangalore was this exhibition held?Keep the good work.

niya said...


This's Niya.

Thanks a lot for visiting my blogspot & comment.

Take care



easycrafts said...

Thanks Shilpa for the comments..wet on wet is done using sponge, fabric paints on white other special materials used for it. Ya, one stroke painting is quite tough until u get a hold over it..still practising to get a single leaf right..but its one of the most beautiful arts i have seen. I saved the instructions for snowman, thanks a lot. Will let u know when i do it.

@ Sia...thanks

@ Rich .... I still have to learn and practice them, thanks for the link

@ Maddie...Thanks, The workshop was held in btm layout

@ Niya...thanks

Swats-TaiChi said...

Hi Niya, I am in Chennai and the paintings shown are very good, does Mr. Ramesh comes to Chennai sometime??
I would like to get in touch with him
email id:
thank you

Veda Murthy said...

wow...that must have been a grt workshop....i love decoupage...and the one stroke of now exploring different types of decoupage stroke is sumthin i m really interested in....letsc if time permits i will learn that too.....

grt going there!....

Global Recycled Products said...

Wow...these are great! Been awhile since I played with paint. It's nothing like what you have, though. It's much simpler :)


Asha said...

it is realy great i want to learn single stroke and i am interested also can you give some tips please?

easycrafts said...

@ Swats...sorry, I have no can check out in orkut where he is an active member

@ Veda murthy...great to know your hobbies..waiting to see some of your work too

@ Global recylced products...thanks

@ Asha..thanks..although i went to the workshop, I couldnt practice on one stroke painting..why dont u check out the orkut profile of Mr Ramesh Krish..he has uploaded some videos too

Rajanand Prabhakar said...

Really I wonder !!!
When I saw first, I can't imagine the same as I paint on the sarees. Dear sir,
Shall I send you some of my paints to your mail address?

cherala said...

hai all your paintings are very pleasing
will you explain the procedure for blade painting thank you

EC said...

@Rajanand...Please do send your paintings..we can have it on the blog..

@Cherala..For blade painting, you need to cut the normal blade into four pieces and then dip them in fabric colours for painting design of our choice.

Srigowri said...

all ur paintings are so good.especially i like blade painting veryyyyy much.i want to do for me one.and i need more information.can u plzzzz tell me the tutorial.and if possible step by step method?waiting for ur reply.

EC said...

Thanks Srigowri..all were not made by me..some were done by our sir..

For blade need to cut the normal blade into four pieces and then dip them in fabric colours. Now press it on the paper and pull to get the desired by giving breaks in between as required.

Srigowri said...

hi,thanks for the reply.and what is that chinese painting?what is the base and what colours that u have used and how to do it?sorry for asking such a big querry.waiting for ur reply.

Anonymous said...

dry brush painting is beautiful. can u plz tell the procedure how to do it??

EC said...

Sorry Srigowri for the late reply..was held up with something

Chinese painting is done on paper with a special brush. Since it is not easily available, our sir used a normal brush but it is done using single strokes..

@ Anonymous - It is done directly using colours and brush without wetting the brush much..Just dip it in colours and use various strokes for the design- as done by our sir in the pic

Anonymous said...

Nice work..
I am interested in painting.. can someone tell me where can i get these painting materials (fan brush, paints used for wet-on-wet etc) in chennai.

EC said...

Thanks Anonymous...You should be getting the materials in any craft store stocking painting materials or you can try in stationery shops too..

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