Quick Tie and Dye Technique

All these are five min tie and dye techniques...

For the first one, fold a square piece of cloth diagonally once, then fold it into half and hold the center of the cloth. Open up the cloth continuing to hold the center. Now, use fabric colours and water to spread some two or three colours on the cloth in circular direction...that is the tip should be one colour, then leave some space and colour the next circular portion and so on. Finally, press the cloth with hand to spread out the colours. Now leave the center and open up the cloth. Leave it to dry and then iron from backside.

For the second one...fold a square piece of cloth like a fan. Then do the same on the other side as well. Now apply some colour in the center and other colour in two sides. Ensure that the colour reaches the inside of the cloth too. Press well to spread out the colour and then open. Dry and iron from backside.

For the third type..Mark a design and tie thread throughout holding the points on the design. Spread out the desired colour throughout and press well. The colours will be visible only on the places other than the thread. Dry and iron from backside.

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