The ten avatharams (dasavathrams) of Lord Sri Vishnu (complete with Shanku Chakra in the arms and Brahma in the center) in a single picture depicted in glass painting

Matsya avatharam in the lower half of the body
Koorma avatharam in the middle half of the body
Varaha avatharam in the left side of face
Narasimha avatharam in the right side of the face
Vamana avatharam in the second right arm
Parasurama avatharam in the third right arm
Rama avatharam in the fourth left arm
Balarama avatharam in the fourth right arm
Krishna avatharam in the center face with a peacock feather in the crown
Kal(k)i avatharam in the second left arm
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Me............... said...

nice work yaar.where do u get these drawings?

gaya3 said...

good effort...hope u spent lot of time in detailing...Ur patience had gud results

vani said...

i am really interested in doing this glass painting. can u pls tell me where u bought all the materials and also what type of paint used on it, glass thickness etc... i really liked ur painting a lot. i want to really do this pls. help me. i came to know website through aayirecepies.com.

great work. thanks a lot.

vani said...

also forgot to mention whether i can get everything in micheals or hobbyllobby or joann. pls let me know. thanks fro ur help in advance.i really wnat to do it.plshelp me.

EC said...

Thanks all of you for the appreciation..

@ Vani..the instructions are common for all glass paintings-refer to http://easycrafts.blogspot.com/2006/11/glass-painting.html for the instructions..I am based in India and so unaware as to where you will get the materials in US..

vani said...

hi ,

just wanted to know whether i can use acrylic paint on glass.. to do this painting. .. and also where do u find the drawings..?

EC said...

I think u can try acrylic colours also on glass although I have never tried..

I got the sketch from one of my friends

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