Fridge magnets

As shown in the post for handmade rakhis, draw your favourite cartoon or shape or fruits, vegetables or any design of your choice on chart paper. Colour them using sketch pens and cover with a layer of broad transparent cellotape to make it waterproof. Cut the extra sides of the cellotape. Stick a small round magnet behind using fevibond. Let it dry well. Use as a magnet on fridge/cupboards.

These magnets collection are off to Veda's Fridge magnet collection event.

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Veda Murthy said...

Hey ec,

great effort making the magnets...thank u so much for daughter fav doll is dora....check out the round up soon


Myviews said...

Wow ! gud Idea..I will try it. Thanks for sharing

sowmya said...

Awesome Ec..nice idea..i have a small mickey mouse cartoon lying in front of going to do this soon..

notyet100 said...

tweety is my favourite...:-)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Handmade magnets looks very nice. Nice creativity dear.

Illatharasi said...

Good ones :)

Surprise for you at my creations blog....:) Check it out!

And tagged you....;)

Swati said...

EC your ideas and creativity are very impressive.. All your blogs are lovely too.. It was nice to see you over..
Do keep in touch


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