Stockings flowers

Materials required

Stockings of various colours
Wires used for flower making (golden and silver)
Green tape
Thick metal wires

Use a small round bottle to make small rings of the golden wires and twist it in the ends to form a ring with a handle to it.

Cover this with the stockings of the desired colours and pull it stretching it completely towards the handle. Now tie it up with a thread and cut out the remaining part of stockings. Repeat for all the petals and also leafs. Use different sizes of bottles for big, small and medium petals.

Fold the pollen into half and attach it to a thick metal wire with thread. Now place the petals one by one and use thread to attach it. Shape the petals as desired. Use green tape to cover the wire. Similarly attach leaves and more flowers to make a big stem.

Make in different colours and keep it in a vase.

Sending this to Illatharasi's Flowers with fabric event.
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Clotilde M. said...

Very nice little tutorial on how to make those flowers. Thanks for sharing!

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