Decorative piece for marriages/showpiece

This pattern is inspired from a friend Shweta Kannan.

It is a practice among South Indian households to offer betel leaves, turmeric, kumkum and betelnut to ladies during marriage as well as anyone who comes as guest. Also, during marriages, various decorative items are kept by the boy's as well as girl's side. This piece can be kept as one of them.

To make it, cut out two hand shapes and a leaf shape from cardpaper. Draw some mehendi design on the hand shapes. Stick some turmeric kumkum packets and betelnut on the leaf shape. Paint the leaf in green colour. Stick the leaf on the hands.


jayasree said...

Wow...looks so real. Excellent work.

Shama Nagarajan said...

cute work..lovely

Priya said...

Wow looks superb..

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