Decorative plate/ Wall hanging

Painting on thermocol plate with water colours..decorated with colour sequeins

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Shama Nagarajan said...

nice painting and decoration

sowmya said...

looks beautiful...we can even decorate the pooja room with this creative decorated plates

Viji said...

hi I like all your crafts.
Really it's superup.

can you show themocol plain white plate. I have one party white plates. Can I use that one. Give me reply pls. Thanks a lot.

easycrafts said...

Thanks Shama

Thanks Soumya..thats another good and creative way of using these plates

thanks can use any paper plate-provided its plain white, not necessarily thermocol plate..I didnt have options in the nearby shop so went for the only available ones..Do check out more ideas for using those plates by clicking on the label below the post

Viji said...

can you show one of the paper plate wall hanging step by step. That could be useful. Once again

easycrafts said...

For the design above-

Paint the plate with a base colour-any water colour of your choice..preferably darker shade. Let it dry well

Use a small brush now and draw the design with some light contrast colour. Let it dry.

Stick the kundans or small chamkis on it with fevibond or some good glue. Dry

Thats it..If you need more help, please mail me at would be better

For a step by step instructions with photos, you may have to wait for some time since I am presently travelling and so will take atleast 20 more days to come out with it.

Viji said...

thnaks a lot.

Video tour

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