Decorative plate/ Shell wall hanging

Painting on thermocol plate with poster colour after sticking shells with fevibond.

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GA said...

Hey, I am a big fan of your blog. I am also art lover. Check out my blog at

Sai said...

hey i just happened to come across ur blog and its too good. ur too creative ...liked evrything abt ur blog .... keep it going

Gayathri said...

I made this shell art today for my daughter's school project. their project title is SUMMER and we can do some art work using shells. It came out so well. ;-)

Gayathri Viswanathan

Gayathri said...

Tried to recreate this shell art today. I just used shells, mirrors and paint. DIdn't use any stones.Still came out really well. This is for my daughter's school project.
thank you thank you

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