Photo frame

Materials required

Card paper
Colour sand
Thick plastic sheet

Cut two rectangle pieces in cardpaper of measurement 2" more than the size of a normal photo. Mark 1.5" on all sides of one piece of cardpaper and cut out the inner rectangle.

Draw the desired shape on the front piece. Apply glue and spread the coloured sand on a small portion. Invert and remove the excess sand. Repeat for each colour sand seperately. Allow it to dry. If required outline is to be given with fabric colours. Cover the sand with plastic sheet by sticking with cellotape on the backside.

Stick the thick plastic sheet to the backside of this piece as a cover for the photo. Now stick both the rectangle pieces together from 3 sides, leaving one side open to put the photograph. Use cellotape to bind the sides.

Finally attach a thick piece of cardpaper on the back side to give support to the photo frame to make it stand.

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