Mini diary

Got these from Pushkar, Rajasthan and tried out making similar diaries to carry in handbags... Here is how to make it..

Materials required

Printed cloth/handmade paper/gift wrapping paper
Thread /Satin ribbon
Few white sheets

Cut a piece measuring 21.5 cm X 8 cm in cardpaper. Also cut one piece measuring 23.5 cm X 10 cm in printed cloth/design sheet. Stick it to the cardpaper leaving 1 cm in each side. Now stick the 1 cm portion in all sides to the cardpaper. Cut few sheets measuring 13.5 cm X 7 cm in white paper. Assemble all these sheets and stitch them to the cardpaper from one side. Mark 7.5 cm twice in the cardpaper and fold it. Attach a thick thread to the cardpaper and fold the diary as shown in the picture. An ideal piece to carry in handbags.


Trendsetters said...

cool diary..I saw such diaries in US for $15...Doing it on our own will be damn cheap plus nothing can beat the satisfaction of creating something as beautiful as this.

g.aruljothiKarikalan said...

cute diaries......... i liked it and love to make the same. Thank you

Maria said...

Really an awesome stuff. It looks cool and we can add as many pages as we want. I will make my own pocket diary like this one. Its beautiful.Thanks.

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