Feather stitch quilted coaster

Materials required

Cloth of desired colour
Embrodiery thread
Embrodiery ring

Cut the cloth in 2 pieces of measurement 11 cm X 11 cm for each coaster. Cut one piece of foam of the same measurement for one coaster.

Attach the foam to one piece of cloth by simple running stitch so that it doesnt move while doing embrodiery. Attach the ring and start working feather stitch -any design of your choice. I have done simple feather stitch square pattern and used chain stitch to form flower like design in a different colour thread. Check Veena's step by step pictorial instructions for feather stitch embrodiery.

Stitch the second piece of cloth covering the foam on the reverse and invert it so that the foam is in between two pieces of cloth. Give a stitch in the inner side so that it stays stiff.

Repeat for more coasters.

This is my work for Sharon's TAST challenge on Pintangle..


veena krishnakumar said...

Beautiful!!!!!You are such a good stitcher EC

jenclair said...

How pretty! Every sip from your cup would a lovely experience.

Linda H said...

Very nice! Your stitches are so even.

Anonymous said...

you have done a lovely piece.

Raphaela said...


Anonymous said...

Just checking what others have done. Love your application of feather stitch. Lovely!

tongfengdemao said...

Very Pretty.

Airy Nothing

Flora said...

Wow! Lovely! Good color combination and beautiful stitching.

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