Craft work-Throne

Materials required

Velvet cloth
Piece of thermocol
Thick Wire
Decorative Lace

First cut the required pieces as given in the below figure.

Stick two pieces of velvet cloth with cardboard in between. If desired, you can even give a small layer of cotton below the velvet piece.

Stick decorative lace in the semicircle portion and golden thread like lace to give it a grand look.

Attach the third piece of velvet cloth to the thermocol piece. Decorate this piece also using lace, covering the thermocol.

Cut a round piece in cardboard, cover it with velvet cloth and attach lace.

Stick the semicircle piece with two velvet pieces to the one with thermocol, keeping the former in the standing position.

Let it dry well. Attach a piece of thick wire to the round piece to give it a look of an umbrella and attach the same to the ready piece.

The Throne is ready to keep idols of gods. You can even make two small pillows for support and decorate them as desired.

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