Bead Bracelet

Materials required

Crystals of atleast two colours

Jewellery thread

Hook with rings

Gold beads

Fevibond Glue

Use double thread for the bracelet. First attach the thread to the rings well. Unless this is strong enough, the bracelet will get cut.

Now insert 10 gold beads to the thread. If required you can even add 2 more (optional).
Cut the double thread in the top corner where ur needle was placed.(see figure 1) Now onwards two needles will be used. Insert two needles in the two pieces of thread.

Now insert two gold beads, one in each thread. Next insert one crystal in one of the threads and pass the other thread from the opposite direction (i.e from the top hole of the crystal) in the same crystal so that the position of the needles change and the crystal comes in between two gold beads. After this, the needle you were holding in the right will come to the left side and vice versa. This is called passing the bead. Again insert two gold beads and repeat the same process till you insert atleast 18 crystals. Now, take out the needles and insert both the threads into a single needle and insert 10 gold beads (12 in case you inserted 12 in the beginning) See figure 2 below.
The next step is to attach the hook to the thread and put lot of knots to make it strong.

Finally, apply fevibond to the hook and rings where thread is attached to prevent it from opening up.

Let it dry well...your bead bracelet is ready.
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Anonymous said...

Can u pls tell me where did u get the materials for the artificial jewellery

easycrafts said...

I purchased them from raja market in chikpet,Bangalore

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