Family Tree

Materials Required

Golden or silver colour wire

Hangings like golden leaves

Some beads

For a small tree, cut 24 pieces of the wire measuring 12 inches. Now, bend all of them together into half and twist it in the base (the fold). Now you will have 48 pieces of 6 inches each. The tree will be in three layers with 16 pieces each. Take two pieces, insert the bead or hanging in one of them and twist the wire. Now twist both the pieces of wire for about 1 cm and again insert bead or hanging, twist and go on till the end of the wire. Now bend the last bit of wire over the previous twist.

Repeat the same for another 14 pieces. Now you will have 8 branches. Twist the remaining wires once or twice. Again seperate 16 wires and follow the same procedure for the second layer. Repeat the process of twisting the wires again and finally for the top layer with 16 pieces.

Your family tree is ready. Place it on a flower vase...

It also serves as an excellent gift item and showpiece.

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Fiona said...

THe family tree really good. it is nice way to give a gift to someone. I loved it. The golden leaves is awesome.

easycrafts said...

Thanks Fiona, it surely is a good gift idea

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