Nib Painting

Materials required

A good design
Black Felt Cloth
Oil colours
Nibs...straight and round nibs
Some hard base to work on

Although this painting will take more time to finish, the final effect will be wonderful.

First trace out the design on the black felt cloth.

Start colouring using oil colours and nib...cover every part of the design with the colours of your choice. Try to paint it evenly throughout the surface. Then, use the nib to create strokes on the colours, preferably from top to bottom.

The painting will take more than 10 days to dry...keep it in a safe place and the black felt might get dirty. To some extent the dirt on it can be removed using an old toothbrush.

After it dries well, the strokes will be more visible and the nib painting will be ready for framing.


Sanjana said...

Hi, Where can I get the nibs for nib painting in the US. Thanks

easycrafts said...

Hi, idea where we get in US. But you can try them out with ink pens i suppose

Anonymous said...

hi'where i can get this nib painting nib in abudhabi

easycrafts said...

Sorry,i dont know any particular shop, but you could try in any craft material shop

sri said...

hi,please can you tell me how to fill the colours in the nib painting

EC said...

@ will have to take a bit of the oil paint in your finger tip, then pick it up using the nib and apply on the cloth by pressing it to get an good impression and takes a lot of time to do one painting

Unique said...

nice painting

Video tour

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