Gift Items/ Decorative Pieces

Materials Required

Paper Plates-you can use printed as well as plain ones
Beads of various colours and shapes
Sequeins and any other decorative items
Thin plastic sheet

Firstly draw the required design on the paper plate if it is a plain plate or else cut a white paper into the shape of the plate and draw the design on it.

Apply fevicol and start sticking the beads and sequeins in various colour combinations in the design.

Finally, cover the paper plate with plastic sheet so that the beads dont fall out and dirt doesnt accumulate on it.

It can be used as wall hangings and it also gives a nice look if placed on dining tables.

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justtimepass said...

This one is good.u r very creative.

vandana shrivastava said...

very good creations,keep it up.

star said...

That loked very nice

easycrafts said...

thanks all of you for your comments

Preethi Sriram said...

Hey dear... you r really wonderful and WOW... How many creative ideas. You r really inspiring me a lot...Great going...

I'm sure you have got a long way. Please do drop in my space and sure you will be liking it.

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