Photo Frame

Materials Required

Black chart paper (thick type)
Thick transparent sheet
Gold colour paint
Kundans, Zardosi and other decorative items
Thick thermocol sheet

Place any photo on the chart paper and draw a outline. Draw another outline with an extra 1" gap.
Now cut three pieces of chart paper in this measurement. Three more pieces must be cut with an extra 1 1/2" outline.

In the pieces with 1" extra outline, measure 1 1/2" from all four sides and cut out the inner square.

Now, stick the thick transparent sheet to cover the cut area in all the three pieces.

Cut three pieces of thermocol of the same size and stick it to the above pieces on three sides, leaving the upper side open for inserting the photos.

Cover up the back side of the thermocol with the three pieces having extra 1 1/2" outline. All three pieces must be joined at an angle as shown in the finished photo frame.

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