Crochet filet- Flower vase

The table cloth that has been published in parts until now
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vani said...

beautiful...exxcellent work. how did u make it? any links available online or any kit available. pls let me know. i had asked you some more questions in some of your previous post. but no response also and also my comments were not published. donot know y?

Deepa said...


EC said...

Thanks Vani and Deepa

@ Vani - I have been publishing all the comments I receive..pls do mail me your questions..regd this crochet, it was done by my grandma several years back..For general crochet, you can refer to for the basics

Shama Nagarajan said...

nice cute one..please do participate in my sparrow crafts :

Aditi Sameer said...

Very nice work.
Best wishes

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