Tanjore Painting - Balaji

After preparation of board, drawing the sketch and sticking stones -

After the first layer of liquid muck work -

After outlining stones with thick muck -

After complete detailing work with muck using cone -

After sticking gold foil and cleaning stones (Just before painting) -


Swapna said...

That looks soooo good!!!

Pratima Kapoor said...

This is so beautiful. By the way what is muck work, if you could explain please.
All your glass paintings are just beautiful.
Best wishes.

EC said...

Thanks Swapna

Thanks Pratima..Muck work is the detailing work done by using a paste of chalk powder, arabic gum

Anitha said...

Beautiful work
can you please share the trace with me as I also do tanjore painting (beginner)
thank you
Wish you a happy new year

Khaugiri said...

Hey EC I have also completed my first tanjaore painting with Lord Balaji.

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