Learn the A-Z of Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling is a very interesting craft work and is increasingly popular. It requires very less materials and once the basics are known, there is no limit to creativity in paper quilling.

To start with, you will require paper quilling sheets, quilling tool and glue. Paper quilling sheets are not that easily available in India…so you can settle with some glossy kind of sheet that is neither too thin so as to tear nor too thick.

For the quilling tool, a thin crochet needle or a fat sewing needle would be a good substitute.

You can make a design in colour sheet on a white background or vice versa.

Cut the sheet into 1/8” width strips (you need not do this if you have quilling sheets as they are available readily cut).

Basic Roll-Loose and Tight
Starting with a basic roll, hold the needle or quilling pin in the right hand and using the thumb and index finger of left hand, press an the strip around the pin to the required size. Slowly move away the pin once you are done and leave the roll to open up a bit. Later, glue the end well. This is if you want to make it a loose roll. For a tight basic roll, glue the end immediately after removing the pin.

Make a loose roll and glue it. Leave it for a minute to dry and then pinch one side as in the picture.



Make a loose roll and glue it. After it dries, pinch opposite sides.

“S” Scroll

Roll one end of the strip towards center. Turn and roll the other end also towards center.



Fold the quilling strip in half. Roll each end towards center.

‘V’ Scroll

Fold the quilling strip in half. Roll each end towards outside.

‘ C ’ Scroll
Mark the center of the quilling sheet using a pencil. Don’t fold. Roll both the ends to the center.

Eccentric Coil-

First make a loose basic roll. After sticking the end of the coil, let it dry. Now, apply glue in the other ring and using the needle, push the other inner rings to the point. Keep applying glue to each ring at the same place till the last but one and stick the inner ring.


Make a loose basic roll. Like in marquise, pinch two opposite ends. Also pinch the other opposite ends to shape it as a diamond.


Make a loose basic roll and pinch opposite sides to make a square pattern.


Make a loose basic roll and instead of pinching four sides for a square, punch just three angles to make a triangle. Ensure that the sides are equal.

Make a loose basic roll. Pinch it get a ‘s’ like design for making a leaf.

Petal Shape
Make a teardrop and bend it lightly so as to look like a petal.

After making a loose basic roll, just shape the same to give it an oval appearance. Ensure that there are no folds.

Half Moon
Make a loose basic roll and apply force to one side with the help of the needle and press the two ends to get the half moon shape.

Once you are good at these, you can proceed to make your first paper quilling project.

You can make flowers, small ducks, birds, fishes, bees and just anything using your imagination and creativity.

But the best would be to start with a simple one. Once the design is decided, arrive at the number of pieces you require for it and make them first.

Finally assemble them in a contrast colour paper by gluing them to it.

It’s a simple process once you are familiar with the shapes.

Apart from making wall hangings of it, you can even stick simple and small designs on photo frames, gift envelopes and make greeting cards too.
Happy Quilling.
Basic Scroll

For this, you should not glue up the end of the basic roll until you stick it on the design. It is left open, instead of being curled up and glued.


Fio said...

One more thing abt the quilling paper are of different ranges. it ranges anything from 35 to 45 to 55 rupees.

Easycrafts thanks for explanations regarding paper quilling. good work.

Seena said...

My daughter loves all these, I think she can learn everything slowly from this site. (she is only ten years old). thank u for this site..

easycrafts said...

Thanks Fio for the additional information

Thanks Seena...nice to know that you liked the site

ANU27 said...

hi the quilling instruct is very nice.In chennai were I can get quilling materials....................

easycrafts said...

Thanks anu...sorry, i have no idea regd the shops in chennai selling quilling materials

Anonymous said...

Basic quilling stuff I got from Raja Thread house in T.Nagar chennai

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