Stencil Painting

Stencils are available in all craft material shops and can even be made easily. Place the stencil on the fabric to be painted and press well. If required, place some support on the corners of the stencil or use tape to fix it. Dip the brush in the paint and apply it in the relevant place using vertical and horizontal strokes. Ensure that the paint doesn’t go below the edge of the stencil. Slowly lift the stencil but lift the entire stencil at the same time. Repeat the procedure whenever the design is to be painted.
Apart from brush, stencil painting can also be done using a small piece of sponge. It gives a completely different look to the fabric.
Another variation is to use a old toothbrush and spray the paint on the cloth using the brush.
Don’t forget to wash your stencil in warm water after you finish the day’s work to prevent paint from sticking in the corners of the stencil. Never fold your stencil. You can always practice first on rough sheets or fabric to get the right finish on the fabric.
Store the stencil properly, it can be used several number of times. Some simple stencil designs are shown above.

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