Sand Painting

Materials Required

Sand-various colours
A good design
Trace paper
Water Colours
Thick chart paper or wooden board

First trace the design on the paper or board. Apply fevicol to the design part by part and after covering every area that needs the same colour, sprinkle the coloured sand on it. Leave it for a minute and then reverse it on a paper, so that the excess sand falls off. The sand sticks only in that place where fevicol is applied. Continue the same process to fill all the colours.

Use water colours to give outlines and in case any colour sand is appearing dull, you can give it a coat of water colour also to make it bright.

Give it a coat of varnish.
Your sand painting is ready.


swati said...

Hey der,I mus say ur work is jus outstanding..I ve been checking ur blog seen d last 2-3 months..Its been nice 2 see ur work everytime..Jus keep posting new work so tht we can try out all dis stuff..Take care..ciao

easycrafts said...

thanks swati..let me know after you try any of these crafts..we could even post them here

sri said...

hi,where we can buy sand colours in hyderabad.Can u tell please.........

EC said...

@ Sri...Sorry no idea regd the shop but you should get in the shops selling usual craft materials

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