Artificial Jewellery

Use your creativity to make your own unique fashion jewellery.

Materials needed-
Round nose pliers, side cutter pliers—tools available in craft shops
Jewellery thread, elastic, wires
Small needles
A piece of soap
Beads and assorted materials as required

Use a double thread and insert it in the needle by joining the two ends using a little soap.

For necklaces first add one part of a hook and insert beads and assorted materials in the way you want your necklace to be and finally end it with the other end of the hook. Give a strong knot to the hook and cut the extra thread.

Put glue on both the ends where hooks are joined to the thread and let it dry well.

Make your matching earrings in the same way.

You can use wires to make round earrings or earrings of other shapes as shown in the picture.
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Archana said...

good collection. i tihnk u need to start working with wire, rather thn with thread. it will lend a lovely and a rich look.

Ramya Bala said...

very good collection good...Can u suggest me places in India where I can buy the material needed?If u could mail,it would be so helpful yaar..
Thanks dear for showing this wonderful collection

easycrafts said...

Thanks archana for the appreciation and the idea...

Thanks Ramya..In Blg, you get the materials at chickpet raja market on avenue road and in Chennai at raja stores in ranganathan street, tnagar..I am aware of only these two places..hope it helps

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