Photo Frames

Materials Required

Handmade Paper
Thin plastic sheet
Embroidery Thread, Plastic mirrors or Rice or any other decorative items like sequeins etc

Firstly, cut from the handmade paper, two pieces of the desired shape for photo could be rectangle or any of the shapes as given in the photos.

For a 4” *6” snap, the frame must be of measurement 5.5” * 7.5”.

In one of the pieces, leave 2” from each side and cut out the centre portion.

Decorate the sides as desired. See figure below.

Stick the thin plastic sheet on the back side of this piece. Now stick the other piece with this piece for around ½” on ONLY three sides, leaving the fourth open.

Cut two small rectangle piece, stick them together and attach it to the frame from the back side to give support to the frame. Let it dry well.

Your photo frame is ready.


Tejal said...

love the oval frame, what did you use?

easycrafts said...

Its made of rice and then painted with water colours

Video tour

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