Mural Works

Materials required….

Ceramic powder
Oil Colors and brush
A Carving or picture
Good laces, motifs for decoration
Wood piece of the desired size.

Mix ceramic powder with some fevicol and water to make a thick paste. Apply it on the wood base and stick the picture or carving of your choice on the board. When the ceramic powder is getting dried, use your finger to touch the wood base and lift your finger, doing the same all over the wood base makes small mounds of ceramic powder (giving it a 3 dimensional effect). Also, put up some paste in a cone and cut the tip of the cone. (Similar to the one made while applying henna or mehndi in hands). Use the cone to to decorate the wood base by making flowers, swastik, Om etc. Even wavy lines on the wood base with a 3D effect would look great. This is to be done quickly before the ceramic powder dries up. So, Plan everything first- right from deciding the place of carving to the decorations surrounding it. Let the wood base dry well for about 12 hours.

The choice is yours to paint the carving or let it remain in its natural form. Using oil colors, paint the entire wood base giving shading effects. Let it dry well. Decorate with motifs and laces using fevicol.

An ideal gift for various occasions.

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