Greeting Card Embrodiery

Card Embroidery

Materials Required

Handmade Paper
Needle, Colour threads

Cut the handmade paper in the required size of greeting card or wall hanging.

Draw shapes like triangle, circle or any other shape as in the photos.

Start making holes using a needle in the lines at equal distance, with equal number of holes on each side in case of squares, triangles and rectangles. In case of circle, the number of holes must be in multiples of 2, 4 or 6 depending on the design required.

The following instructions are for a simple square design

Start from 1, pass the thread to 2. Bring the needle up again from 3 and insert the needle in 4, bring it up in 5 and insert in 6 and so on till u cover all four sides with each hole being pierced twice using thread.

You can use the same colour thread, or two colours for opposite directions as desired.

Finally stick some picture inside the gap or use it as a photo frame.

For a circle design, you have to first divide the total number of holes by 2/4/6 as desired and then start working on it.

Card Embrodiery Pattern

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