Zardosi Painting (Lord Balaji)

Materials Required

Zardosi--available in different colors
Kundans and stones for decoration
Black chart or hardpaper

Trace out the desired picture on the chartpaper.

Apply fevicol on the lines and curves and stick the zardosi on the chartpaper, cutting the excess zardosi.

Complete the entire picture the same way.

Decorate with stones and kundans of various colors.

You can even paint the picture and later do the decorations.


vani said...

can i get Zardosi in differnt colrs in USA? pls let me know where it is available. .. as i am interested to do this and i liked it very much..pls let me know

EC said...

Sorry Vani..I have no idea as to where u can get zardosi in USA

vani said...


i just wanted to know whether this is the zardosi thread(metallinc thread) that u are talking about .. i just want to make sure befire buying. pls let me know. here the link for the item

if this is the right thread that u used to make the zardosi painting then i can buy them and do it. do u just glue the matalic thread and make the zardosi painitng pls let me know.

thanks for ur response.

EC said...

This one looks like thread..zardosi is like spring and cannt be used in machine stitching..i found this look

although it is not clear in the pic, but it looks like zardosi and is mentioned also to be so

vani said...

hi ,,

thanks for the propmpt reply. but u did zardosi painting in hand right and not in the machine right. ???? as i am in US i donot know what they call here. we do get metallic wires here.???? in silver and gold color. can i use that metalic wire to do this??? let me know....

EC said...

Yes, zardosi is glued to the sheet..but the threads u suggested were used in machine embrodiery..regd metallic wire, i think it would not as thick as zardosi..maybe u can give it a try

thinktank said...

Hi EC,

Hi Reshmi,

Lovely work.. very nice..
I have a problem with zardosi thread. Please help me.

I bought a Zardosi work set in a craft shop(includes the spring like thread, glue, the pattern and colors). But I find it very difficult to stick the thread on the given outline. Is it we need to break the threads into very smaller pieces and stick them or you need to twist and turn the thread according to your design. Whenver I try to stick it, it springs back..

Thanks in advance.

EC said...

Thanks Anu..You have to slowly bend the zardosi on the outline ensuring that the spring does not open up..

Bhanu Chander said...

Very simple yet great painting of perumal :)

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