Decorative Piece with Matchsticks

Materials Required

1 box of unused matchsticks (can use red ones also)
Poster Colours
Chart Paper
Sequeins, chamki and any other decorative materials

Cut the chart paper into required shape. Draw a design like star and stick matchsticks to it by cutting it to the required length.

Use poster colours, sequeins, chamki or any other decorative material to fill in the gap.

It serves as a good gift item and can be used as a wall hanging too.

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Celebrations-100th Post

This is my 100th post on easycrafts...was thinking for a long time as to what it should be and finally decided to make this Radha-Krishna to thank god for his grace.

A Big Thankyou to all viewers for all the appreciation and frequent visits to the blog that encouraged me to bring more and more easycraft articles for you.

The picture of Radha - Krishna is embossed painting on Black felt cloth using pearl colours.

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