Satin rose basket

Materials required

Satin ribbons (one for rose and another for base)
Two small rounds of thermocol pieces

Make small satin roses and glue them to one piece of thermocol. Stick another piece of thermocol below it. Cover the thermocol round sides with another colour satin ribbon. Attach a small piece for the basket handle using pins. A small and cute bouquet is ready.

Decorative haldi kumkum

Materials required

Thick cardpaper
Green velvet paper
Small boxes of haldi kumkum

Cut the cardpaper and green velvet paper into leaf shapes. Stick the velvet paper on the cardpaper. Stick the haldi kumkum boxes on it using cellotape.

Can be gifted on navratri and other special occassions.

Jewellery box decoration

Saw this idea to decorate jewellery boxes with glitter tubes and sequeins in a diwali special supplement..

Just mark the design with a pencil and decorate using sequeins and glitter tubes as desired. Dry well.

Video tour

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