DIY back earring for studs

Try this simple back earring for a grand look during occasions. 

Materials required

Pen to mark on OHP sheet
OHP sheet small piece
Stone or pearl lace as required

Cut a square piece in cardboard and punch a hole in it. Now wear this piece along with your earring and make a marking around your ear to know the size. Then cut accordingly in OHP sheet as well.

Stick pearl lace or stone lace as per the design required. I have put in 2 pieces of 2 stone lace bits together to make a square. Have stuck 5 similar pieces all around the cutting. Use only such glue which will become transparent when dry so that it looks neat when worn with the earring.

Mobile charging pocket

A pocket stitched with leftover cloth from dress material to hold mobile while in charging mode.

Newspaper leaves thoran

Tried making these thoran by using newspaper and quilling technique. Painted with acrylic colours and used some plastic bells, beadchain and lace to complete it.

Video tour

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