Pearls and kundan artificial jewellery designs

Waste CD decoration as diya base

Materials required

Corrupted CDs
Glitter tubes

Decorate the CDs with glitter tubes in different patterns on the shining side. Cut a small square piece of cardpaper and stick it below the hole on the cd to close the hole. This is done so that any oil spill from the diya doesnt fall on the floor. Once all these dry well, stick a painted diya in the center.

Looks good on center table as a decorative piece

Satin rose basket

Materials required

Satin ribbons (one for rose and another for base)
Two small rounds of thermocol pieces

Make small satin roses and glue them to one piece of thermocol. Stick another piece of thermocol below it. Cover the thermocol round sides with another colour satin ribbon. Attach a small piece for the basket handle using pins. A small and cute bouquet is ready.

Decorative haldi kumkum

Materials required

Thick cardpaper
Green velvet paper
Small boxes of haldi kumkum

Cut the cardpaper and green velvet paper into leaf shapes. Stick the velvet paper on the cardpaper. Stick the haldi kumkum boxes on it using cellotape.

Can be gifted on navratri and other special occassions.

Jewellery box decoration

Saw this idea to decorate jewellery boxes with glitter tubes and sequeins in a diwali special supplement..

Just mark the design with a pencil and decorate using sequeins and glitter tubes as desired. Dry well.

Smocking on kids frock

Smocking done for the front upper half of a girl baby's frock with frills all over for the skirt portion. Final touches given with glitter dots and satin ribbon roses.

Specs and mobile pouches

 These are made from the bags given in South Indian marriage with coconut and betel leaves.

These specs covers and mobile covers are made in cross stitch cloth with kasuti designs and cross stitch design.

Madhubani fish design bookmark

In a single piece of card paper, draw three fishes one below the other so that they are linked. Cut the paper to the shape of the fishes. Paint in Madhubani style with bright colours and strokes. Finally put in a layer of broad cellotape covering the fishes so that it doesnt get torn easily.

Marapachi (wooden) dolls (Lord Balaji and thayar)

Marapachi dolls that are very famous in Tirupathi have been decorated as Lord Balaji and Goddess Padmavathi thayar. It is available as set of two dolls -one male and another female

To buy one for your home, details at

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Materials required

Marapachi dolls
Glitter tubes
Card paper
Different types of golden shining beads for necklaces
Cloth for tying saree with lace
Fabric colours
Black wool

First tie a saree to the doll with features of a lady, stick the wool strands to the head to give a nice long pleat. Cut hands and crown from card paper. Decorate with glitter tubes and mark earrings, nose ring and bindi. Put golden beads for necklaces and finally put the garlands.

For Lord Balaji, decorate with glitter the lower half and put necklaces to cover as much body part as possible. Cut out hands, crown, shanku and chakra from card paper and decorate with colours and glitter. Stick at appropriate places, put golden beads necklaces and decorate the satin ribbon garland.

Marapachi doll

 Marapachi dolls are made of wood..Decorated this very old one of Srinivasa perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi by using fabric colours and glitter tubes. The below picture of the doll prior to all decorations..

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