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Party decoration hanging

Try these simple hangings for kids birthday parties or just to decorate kids room.

Materials required

Chart paper
Printout of kids favourite cartoon
Gift wrapping paper
Thermocol balls
Glitter tubes
Thread and Needle

Cut chart paper into desired shape like circle, square, stars, hearts. Stick the cartoon printout in some of them and use gift wrapping paper to decorate a few. Ensure that you do the decoration on both sides so that there is a design even when the hanging turns out with wind. Use glitter tubes to decorate it further.

Insert the thread needle through some thermocol balls, then one piece of chart paper and tie a knot. Insert the needle from the opposite end of the knot and again add in some thermocol balls and another chart paper piece. Keep repeating to get a long hanging. Make as many hangings as required to decorate the room.

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