The ten avatharams (dasavathrams) of Lord Sri Vishnu (complete with Shanku Chakra in the arms and Brahma in the center) in a single picture depicted in glass painting

Matsya avatharam in the lower half of the body
Koorma avatharam in the middle half of the body
Varaha avatharam in the left side of face
Narasimha avatharam in the right side of the face
Vamana avatharam in the second right arm
Parasurama avatharam in the third right arm
Rama avatharam in the fourth left arm
Balarama avatharam in the fourth right arm
Krishna avatharam in the center face with a peacock feather in the crown
Kal(k)i avatharam in the second left arm
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Rangoli Design

This traditional design is made from thin rice batter prepared by soaking rice and grinding it finely. It is common among south indian households to make this on auspicious days and festivals.

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