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Am super excited to have been featured in Deccan Chronicle's Chennai edition

Make your own unique jewellery with paper beads- Guest Post by Swarna Manoj

Thanks Swarna for this wonderful post..Check out more of her beautiful works at her blog  My craft works and FB page Krafty Waves

To make paper beads-

Magazine paper of any length
Pen Knife
Cutting/Chopping Board
Transparent Nail polish/Sealant
Tooth pick/Chop stick

Cut the Paper into Triangle strips - One end should be pointed and the other end of the strip can be of width 1 cm, 2 cm or as required for the bead as more width would give broader beads. 

Now start rolling each strip with the help of a tooth pick/Chop stick. Glue at intervals and also apply glue at the end of the strip. Apply transparent nail polish / sealant to water proof each bead and let it dry.

Now the paper beads are ready to be made into beautiful neck pieces, bracelets and earrings.

Join the paper beads with other colour beads or tubes depending on your creativity. The loops for earrings and hooks for bracelets are available in craft shops and can be used to make matching earrings and bracelets.

Quilted bag from leftover materials

Bag stitched with leftover dress materials using double chevron Seminole method. It also has a small mobile pouch in the inner side.

Kundan rangolis

For purchasing kundan rangolis

Peacock rearrangeable rangoli set of 7 pcs

Price: Rs 500

Contact : easycrafts@gmail.com

Salwar kameez set for a little girl

A daily wear salwar kameez set for a little girl with pleated sleeves and a simple neck design.

Drawing set bag for kids

Stitch this easy drawing materials bag for kids with pockets for sketchpens, crayons and book. Makes it simple for the kids to carry their materials during travels without spilling over everything.

Layered girl dress

Biege frock for a girl with layered skirt portion, fleated sleeves with bow, laces and sequeins in body portion.

Thread case with leftover cloth

Stitch this easy thread case with leftover cloth bits in just about 45 mins...Its easy now to store your threads and ensure they dont get tangled...

Materials required

Leftover cloth bits- 3 equal pieces of the required length (A)
Lining cloth of the same measurement- 1 bit
One more long piece of same width to tie up (B)
Contrast or matching plain strips for piping

Stitch the four ends of one long piece (A) and lining cloth. Cut one long piece (A) into half . Double fold and stitch one side of each piece lengthwise. Leave out this side and attach the other three sides to the piece with lining cloth. See pic and attach on opposite sides so that both the open sides face each other. Mark about 1-1.5 inches lengthwise on both sides and stitch from the closed end to the open end. Repeat for the entire length on both sides. Now stitch the third piece of A cloth on all four sides.

Double fold and stitch one side of the B piece widthwise. Fold the B piece lengthwise and stitch the entire length. Turn to the right side.

Sew the matching strips on all four sides and attach the B piece also along on one side with the unfolded end attached to one side of the finished piece.

It takes hardly 45 mins to get this ready and to store it just roll it up and tie the strip around..

** You can create the same thing with pockets on just one side for your kids to store their crayons too

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