Mehendi Designs

 These are from my book wherein mehendi designs have been collected from various sources over a period of, not able to recollect the source..These are not my original designs or creations.

Crochet Clown and an award

The pattern of the clown is taken from here with a small change of skipping the hair portion..

Illatharasi of My Creations passed on the Rockin girl blogger award to me..thanks a lot

Would like to pass this on to
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Fridge magnets

As shown in the post for handmade rakhis, draw your favourite cartoon or shape or fruits, vegetables or any design of your choice on chart paper. Colour them using sketch pens and cover with a layer of broad transparent cellotape to make it waterproof. Cut the extra sides of the cellotape. Stick a small round magnet behind using fevibond. Let it dry well. Use as a magnet on fridge/cupboards.

These magnets collection are off to Veda's Fridge magnet collection event.

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Handmade Rakhis

Raksha bandan signifies the bond between brothers and sisters and is very popular in North India. It is celebrated with sisters tying a Rakhi on their brother's arm. Although several new designs of rakhis are available in the market each year, nothing can match the handmade rakhis made with lots of love. Here are some rakhi designs that can be taught to kids as an craft activity..its very easy to make and can be made really fast.

The first one is the need satin ribbon, paper, thread, glue and scissors. Check out how to make the flowers here..Once it is done, stick these flowers to satin ribbon and let it dry well. Cut the satin ribbon to the required length.

For the second one, you need to know making satin ribbon rose. Once you make them (you even get readymade in the shops), glue them and also give a stitch to it with the satin ribbon cut to required length to make it firm.

For the third one(pic above), you will need beads, paper, glue, scissors and satin ribbon. Cut the paper into desired shape like triangle, square, rectangle, circle or hexagon. Stick colourful beads on it and let it dry well. Now stick this to the satin ribbon cut to desired length.

The fourth one is a photoframe rakhi. You will need card paper, glue, scissors, satin ribbon, colour pens and a stamp sized photo. Draw the outline of the stamp size photo on a card paper and leaving about 1 cm on its side, cut two pieces from the card paper. For one piece, draw a line smaller than the stamp size photo and cut out the inner part. Now stick both the pieces on three sides and leave one side open. Use colour pens to decorate the upper portion with gap for photo. Insert the desired photo into it and stick the entire piece on to the satin ribbon cut to desired length.

Draw your favourite cartoon, cut into a card paper and colour it. Cover it with a cellotape on both sides so that it wont tear. Now stick this to a satin ribbon cut to required length.

Now for these bracelet rakhis that can be used as a rakhi as well as a bracelet. You can make these very easily if you know artificial jewellery making. Some of them have hooks while some have crochet thread. Check out more artificial jewellery here..

Sending these handmade rakhis to Illatharasi for the Rakhi event

Also, sending these to the Raksha bandan festival event hosted by Priti of Indian Khana

Paper Toy for kids

This simple hanging is made from paper cut into various shapes and joined to a round piece of cardboard with beads. An ideal toy for small kids (less than 1 year) to see various colour and enjoy

Baby Frock

Baby frock stitched from leftover salwar kameez dress material.
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