Glitter and sequeins painting

 Draw the desired design on a velvet paper..Use glitter tubes of various colours and sequeins to decorate the same..Thanks Shweta Kannan for this idea

The design before sticking sequeins


 Materials required

Bits of handmade sheets
Glitter tubes

You can either make the bookmark of the same colour or in contrast colours. Cut one piece of each of the following...

Fold and paste the part as mentioned in one corner of the rectangle piece. Decorate with glitter tubes.

Doremon puzzle

Materials required

Thick plain sheet
Design of your choice
Wide cellotape

Draw the design of your choice on the sheet and colour them. Measure the size to draw gridlines in the back of the design to get equal squares..for smaller kids make it into lesser pieces. Now draw the shape as to fix the pieces-atleast 2 on each piece. Cut them neatly.

Use wide cellotape to cover the pieces..this way the kids wont be able to tear it off.

Puzzle ready..

Video tour

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