Step by step Tutorial - Waste CD hanging

A wall hanging made with waste CD, glitter and glass colours. I have posted the step by step instructions for the CD work. They can be assembled depending on your choice of beads or other shapes too. 

Materials required

Waste CD
Glitter tubes
Glass colours
Sequeins and kundan stones

First remove the white portion side where the name is written on the CD using a knife. That is the CD is cut along the circumference mildy with a knife to make it into 2 parts. Now we will be using the transparent portion.

At times we may remain with some shining part on the CD which is not possible to remove cleanly. At this stage use small pieces of cellotape to clean it as in the video.

Now draw a design of your choice using glitter tube and let them dry well.

Now use glass colours of your choice to fill in the design.

Finally add kundan stones or sequeins to decorate it further.

Similarly make as many as you wish for a wall hanging.

Join them with beads, bells or other accessory to complete it.

Shilpkar clay jewellery

A first attempt at using Shilpkar clay to make tiny jewellery pieces. Lot of imperfections and need to practice more to get better finishing.

Paper quilling Doremon

A tiny doremon made with paper quilling strips. Can be used in greeting cards or as a pendant for a simple chain after attaching loop.

Paper quilling Ganesha

This beautiful Ganesha is completely done with quilling sheets. A perfect tutorial on Youtube helped me make this.

Quilted sling bags from leftover materials- Part 2

These bags are made out of leftover dress materials... Except for the zip and inner lining cloth rest all is best from waste.

Quilted cloth bags from leftover materials- Part 1

These bags are made out of leftover dress materials..mix and match done to get bigger bags. Except for the zip and inner lining cloth rest all is best from waste.

Best of waste - Newspaper basket

This basket is made using waste newspaper rolls and then painted with fabric colours. Small embellishments have been added to give a brighter look.

Silk thread multi colour neckpiece

Small beads wrapped in multi colour silk threads and attached with a pendant to hooks. Suitable for all kinds of ethnic wear.

Best of waste - Newspaper Lamp

A lamp design as seen on the internet using waste newspaper. It involves quilling and weaving techniques using paper.

#newspaperweaving #decorativelamp #bestofwaste

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Flying flower cup

Inspired by the ideas on the Internet, I tried this flower cup..Several tutorials are available on youtube for the same. I have replaced the ceramic cup in the videos with a paper cup and the steel spoon with paper rolls. If you require any further help please feel free to mail me at

Video tour

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