Tanjore glass painting - Gita updesh

Reposting my fav work for 2010 for Kavi's event at Kalalayaa's art studio

My long time wish of learning Tanjore painting was fulfilled..I learnt it from a professional and it is my fav work not just for the year but my all time favourite..

Decorative Aarti plate

Done on thermocol plate with transparent rangoli on OHP sheet
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New born baby dress

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Prizes received

Prize received from Vini aka Pooh ..Thanks for sponsoring Artsy Craftsy September and these wonderful prizes

My niece enjoyed doing these mosaics received as prize for August Artsy Craftsy event..Thanks once again

My most treasured handicraft

I have been a great fan of Tanjore paintings and was dying to learn it from a professional..I was very particular on making a Srinivasa image although my coach was a little hesitant since it involved lot of detailing as compared to Ganesha or Laxmi which is most preferred among new students. Finally with some practice sessions for detailing work I did this painting which is the best among my work till date and my most treasured..

It looks so rich with the chettinaad frame.

Sending this over for the giveaway at Indya Kaleidoscope blog that is celebrating 101 posts

Featured again in Times of India

Another article in My times segment of Times of India, Chennai edition some weeks back

Artificial jewellery

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Featured in Times of India

My handcrafted painted diyas were featured in Times of India supplement My times-LB road, Chennai edition dated 9th Oct 2010..Click pic to enlarge

Artsy Craftsy - October Entries

Toys made with mseal..Procedure here

These are my entries for the Artsy Craftsy event with theme Clay crafts

My decorative hangings and painted diyas won at Mindful Meanderings Sept theme..Thanks

Video tour

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