DIY Dot painting on CD - Craft 10

A simple style of painting only dots of different sizes, but when done slowly, patiently and in a planned way it looks amazing. This is the first one I made. So it has some mistakes and not very neat. Also, there are many techniques to do this. This one is easy for kids to do. 

The one in the picture is made on a old CD - we can use it as a coaster or a hanging. If you dont have a CD, you can make it as a painting or greeting card too. 

Materials required

Old CD or plain paper
Paints - Thick Poster colours without mixing water like normal painting or Acrylic/Fabric colours

Any or all of these -to make dots of different sizes

Brush of 2 ,3 sizes whichever you have
Pencil that comes with a rubber behind
Ear bud
Unwanted pencil -to use the tip.

First spread a newspaper so that paint doesn't fall on the floor.

In the shining side of the CD or paper, draw lines- first divide into 4 parts. Next divide each part into 2. Now, we have 8 portions. The lines will be slightly visible on CD. Dont make it very dark as we cannot rub it later.

Dip each brush / pencil /rubber /earbud in paint slightly and press on a rough sheet to see what size they are, so that it is easy to decide where to put which size dots.

The rubber pencil will give biggest dot and pencil will be smallest. Choose some 4-5 colours to paint and start by dipping the pencil slightly in the paint in 1st colour. Gently press on CD. All big dots will look nice when you do it on those lines which we did. If you want to use the same pencil for another colour also, clean it nicely first to remove 1st paint and then use for second. Dont mix colours.

Keep using the other brush/ earbuds /pencil in different colours to completely cover the CD/paper.

Allow it to dry. If it is a CD, you can stick some sticker in the center and a satin ribbon at the back for making it hang. If it is a coaster it will be empty to keep the cup or you are doing it on paper you can cover all areas with dots without leaving gap..

DIY Photoframe with newspaper - Craft 9

A vibrant and unique photo frame by Anushya (12 yrs)

Materials required

Water colours or any paint
Any thick cardpaper or cardboard

(For cardboard you can use those cartons in which we get some cereals/ oats/ biscuits/ health drinks/ detergent powders or old notebook front and back or Cardboards that come in certain new dress packing )

Cut one side of a newspaper into four long pieces. Roll them and stick the edges. If you find it difficult to roll, use a pencil/pen and roll. Once you stick the edges, you can remove the pencil and repeat for other rolls.  Attached video for help.

Now press the roll and tightly roll to get coils. Stick the edge and hold for a minute to dry so that it doesn't open. 

Number of rolls required depend on how big the coils are. First make a few, place it around a photo and keep adding as required. Paint them in colours of your choice. Let it dry while we prepare the frame.

Select the photo you want to keep in the frame and measure it. Usual size is 4 inch x 6 inch. If you are using bigger photo, measure it and make coils accordingly. 

Draw two rectangles in cardboard-size should be 1.5 inches more than the photo size in all sides. In one piece, mark 1 inches from all sides (inside) and cut out the inner rectangle. So, we have 2 cardboard pieces. One has a rectangle cut inside and another without cutting. Both cardboards of the same size - For 4 inch x 6 inch photo, the cardboard will be 5.5 inch width and 7.5 inch height. 

Start sticking the rolls on this piece which has inner rectangle cut. Let it dry well

Stick a transparent sheet of the same size to the back side of this piece. (If you don't have it now, you can skip this step).  Finally stick the two rectangles together in three sides (apply glue only for 1/2 inch area in 3 sides), leaving one side open to insert the photo. Allow it to dry well

Cut a rectangle piece in cardboard 2 inches width and 6 inches height and attach using glue or cellotape to the backside to get a stand for the frame.

Your photoframe is ready.

DIY Gift Envelope - Craft 8

Quick and easy to make Gift Envelopes from Anushya  (12 yrs)

Materials required

Old invitation/ Thick design calendar paper /Chart paper / Handmade sheet / Any paper
Any Decorative material -Stones, glitter, stickers
Sketch pens

The paper/ invitation / chart paper should be first cut into a size 23 cm x 20 cm.

Dotted line- Fold
Blue colour part- Cut it out - not required 

Now mark as in the picture and Fold on those marking (dotted lines). 

All folds should be in the same side only
Now fold the yellow part over the green and apply glue only to yellow part. Fold the purple portion over green. Now yellow will stick with the purple portion. After it dries, fold the white portion over it so that you get an envelope. You can shape the ends of the white layer if you want.

Decorate with sketch pens /stickers / lace or any decorative material which you have. 

Some pictures of the envelopes done earlier ..Try depending on availability of materials

DIY Diya with newspaper - Craft 7

Cute newspaper diya by Anushya - 12 yrs

Materials required

Old Newspaper

Cut one sheet from one side of the newspaper. Cut it further into four long equal pieces. Now make them into long rolls by rolling from one end to another diagonally. Attached video for help.

 Make total 5 rolls for one diya. To attach the roll, put little glue in one end (inside the roll) and push another roll edge into it. It will be like one big roll. Repeat for other rolls.

Start from one edge, and slow make a big tight round from the long roll. Stick in the start and end.

After it dries, slowly shape it like a cup first. Then pinch one edge to give shape to the diya.

Apply thin layer of fevicol inside the diya everywhere and allow it to dry. This way, the diya will not lose shape and become stronger.

Now paint it in single or multiple colours as you like. Paint inside first. After it dries, paint outside also.

Your cute paper diya is ready.

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Craft collages

Thank you kids for sharing these pics of crafts done using the DIY instructions on the blog..

DIY Piggy bank with soapbox - Craft 6

Cute little piggy bank by Anushya - Age 12

Materials required

White/any colour paper
Sketchpens/Decorative things
Old soap box
Foam/ 3 D stickers- optional

There are total six sides of the box. Leaving two opening sides, draw measurements to cover the box on any colour/plain paper. You can also measure like wrapping it as gift wrapping, leaving two sides uncovered.

Draw your favourite designs for 4 main sides of the box.

Now, for one side opening make a cut like this and then cover it with paper leaving opening for putting money.

The other side should remain as it is- opening for removing the money from the box.

Your cute little fun piggy bank is ready can also stick some fancy stickers, stones or other decorative things whichever you have.

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DIY Wall hanging - Craft 5

DIY Wall hanging with waste materials by Anushya (Age 12)

Materials required

Old cardboard from notebooks or any strong box
Satin ribbon

Cut the cardboard in 15 cm x 15 cm measurement and colour it with any colour of your choice.

Cut one side sheet of newspaper into 4 long pieces. Slowly start rolling it from one end till another diagonally so that we get long tubes. Video attached for help.

Now paint them in colours of your choice. If required you can make more tubes to cover the cardboard.

Measure the sides of the cardboard and cut the tubes according so that we get it like a border tray. Stick it with glue on the cardboard.

Make a quilling flower or any design of your choice. You can also stick some stones, stickers or other decorative item.

Decorate the cardboard inside by drawing designs of your choice. You can stick any picture of god/cartoon or family member ..whichever you like. You can also use cutout from old greeting card or magazines.

Finally stick a piece of satin ribbon in the backside so that it can be used a hanging. Apply glue and strengthen it with cellotape.

Your creative and best out of waste wall hanging is ready.

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DIY Bookmarks - Craft 4

Materials required

Bits of handmade sheets/ Chart paper
Glitter tubes

You can either make the bookmark of the same colour or in contrast colours. Cut one piece of each of the following...

Fold and paste the part as mentioned in one corner of the rectangle piece. Let it dry well. Decorate with glitter tubes, stones, glitter pens or whatever materials you have with you.

You can change the length of the rectangle according to the size of the book or paper which you have. Minimum size is 10 cm x 12 cm.

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DIY Keychain with clay- Craft 3

Craft idea contributed by Anushya (12 yrs)

Materials required

Fevicryl mouldit or air dry clay
Any old key ring

Take a small ball of both the parts in mouldit clay and mix well to make a single ball. If you use air dry clay, this step is not required.

Flatten the clay to make a round/ heart/ triangle/ square/ star shape or any fancy shape that you like and find it easy to do.

Tip- Use a plastic sheet dusted with talcum powder for working with clay and dust your hands with talcum powder. It will be easy to work and get good shape. Also once dry, it can be easily removed from the plastic sheet.

Use the back end of a brush to make a small hole in the top so that we can attach the key ring there. Allow it to dry well.
Now paint the clay in whichever design you like on both sides or single side as you wish.

Once the paint dries, tie a small thread attaching the clay base on one side and key ring on another.

Your key ring is ready.

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DIY Stationery Organiser - Craft 2

DIY Stationery Organiser- Creative idea from Anushya (12 yrs)

Materials required

1. Any waste box of medium size. This is a square box, you can use any shape. If the height is more than that of a pencil, cut it to 3/4 length so that it is easier to use the organiser.
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Cello tape
5. Colour paper or gift wrapping sheet to cover the box.
6. Small piece of cardboard
7. Glitter pens if using plain sheets (optional as it wont work on some shining sheets)
8. Scale
9. Pencil
10. Any foam stickers or small stickers

Cut the top opening of the box. Place the box on the colour paper and draw outlines to cover the 4 sides of the box. Not required to cover the base but can be done if you want.

Cut it and stick it in the respective sides. Measure the length and width using a scale in the inner side for making partition. Depending on size of the box, partitions can be more. Here only 1 partition is done as box is small. Draw the same on a thicker cardboard or you can use the top portion that was removed.  

Cut the partition piece, apply glue on three sides except the one that will face up and insert it into the box. Let it dry for 5 mins.

Now decorate the front side using foam stickers, or any other stickers, stones, glitter pens, sketch pens, ribbons..anything that you like. You can also write a quote if you want. Your stationery organiser is ready. 

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