Mseal Showpiece-Pigeons

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Soft Toys-Bunny and Teddy Bear

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Artificial Jewellery-More Bracelets

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Decorative Hanging

Next time you get a new debit or credit card or even a new identity card, dont throw away your old one. Convert it into a beautiful hanging that can be hanged in the house and in cars.

Apart from such cards, you need white m-seal, colours, a plastic bell, strong thread and a picture of your choice. You can cut the picture from greeting cards or invitations.

Blend the two parts of mseal well.

Apply some mseal to the back of the picture and stick it on the card. Simultaneously apply mseal to cover the remaining portion of the card. Using a pencil, make curvy lines on the card when the mseal is still wet. The Mseal will dry in 20 minutes, so you have to be quick.

Also, attach the bell to the lower portion of the card and the strong thread in the upper portion as to hang it using mseal and cellotape.

Let it dry well and then paint it according to your choice or even write a few words on it.

3-D Painting

Materials Required

10 xerox copies of a good design
Double sided foam tape
Glue, Scissors
Sketch pens
Black Card paper

Cut the xerox copies as per the design, eliminating the blank portions of the paper.Cut small pieces of the double sided foam tape and stick it on one copy.
Stick another copy on it and similarly stick all the 10 copies.

Using sketch pens, darken the outlines of the picture and then stick all of them on the black card paper and decorate as desired.

Your 3-D painting is ready.
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Elephant Toy Hanging

Materials Required






Cut two pieces of elephant figure in the felt and stitch it around. Invert it and stuff it with cotton.
Decorate it with lace.

Cut a rectangle piece from a hard cardboard and decorate it using a different lace.

Cut 16 long pieces of wool and crochet every four to attach it to the cardboard corners. Finally join all the 16 pieces together.

Stitch the elephant in between.

Your elephant toy hanging is ready.

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