Felt mobile and specs case


Welcro piece
Contrast colour wool

Cut 2 pieces of felt, one with a little more space for closing the pouch. Stitch the lace to it and then stitch the sides.

Finally attach the welcro to the opening and use wool to decorate the sides with blanket stitch.


Decorative plate/ Wall hanging

Painting on thermocol plate with water colours..decorated with colour sequeins

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Sponge doll

In India, the China apples come with a foam net like cover..have used that cover to make a doll with manjal kumkum inside as given in South Indian marriages.. Earlier posted foam doll here

Felt alphabet blocks

We are thrilled to share that this is our 200 th craft project on Easy Crafts blog..

Saw such blocks in a shop..The shapes are not perfect as I didnt get thick foam..so polyfil has been stuffed.

Materials required

Felt of various colours
Woollen thread of different colours
Thick foam /Polyfil

Cut square pieces from different colours (6 pieces for each block). Cut alphabets/numbers from contrast colour felt. Stitch them to the square pieces and finally stitch the square pieces together to get a cube. Leave one side open and stuff from that opening. Stitch to close the opening.

An attractive toy to teach kids alphabets/numbers is ready.

Simple decorative piece

Original idea from My Creations

Materials required

Greeting card
Card paper
Water colours

Cut small strip of card paper, paint with desired colour and stick it on the sides of the greeting card. Cut another piece in the card paper of the same size of greeting card. Colour this piece also and stick it to the greeting card crosswise as in the picture. Decorate with stones and attach a rectangle piece behind the picture to make it a stand for the picture.

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